EIT Jumpstarter wins Emerging Europe award

EIT Jumpstarter wins Emerging Europe award

The award recognises the programme’s work to increase young people’s opportunities, awareness, self-confidence and engagement in society.

EIT Jumpstarter is a pre-accelerator programme, led by EIT Health and involving other EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs), with the goal of boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in Central-Eastern and Southern Europe. The programme seeks to validate early-stage innovative ideas and connect innovations to the demands articulated by industry stakeholders in the fields of healthcare, agri-food, raw materials, energy, urban mobility and manufacturing.

According to an Emerging Europe article announcing the award for EIT Jumpstarter: “The concept originated from the real needs of the innovation ecosystem of emerging Europe: countries face similar challenges in that despite having enormous innovation potential, their research results are likely to remain within the labs.”

During the first three editions of EIT Jumpstarter, 230 teams from 13 countries were trained and mentored by top-tier experts, who worked with innovators on their business concepts to validate the real-life needs of the proposed solutions.

EIT Jumpstarter has earned outside recognition before. In 2019, just a few months after completing its first year of operation, the programme won a European Association Award, which celebrates the vital work that the European Associations do on behalf of their members.

About the Emerging Europe Awards

Started in 2018, the annual Emerging Europe awards programme is intended to further the organisation of Emerging Europe’s mission of contributing to the social, economic and democratic growth of the 23 countries the organisation covers. The awards categories take into account the following key elements: raising awareness, social development and economic growth as well as recognising ground-breaking leaders who have made a real difference to the lives of the region’s people.