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EIT Health

Innostars Awards

It is a program for those with an entrepreneurial mindset and a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) in the healthcare field. Programme is suitable for micro and small enterprises (according to EU SME definition), spin-offs and start-ups that already have a prototype or an MVP. Still, the product/service is not on the market yet (no income).

Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Five-week programme. Intensive training, mentoring and networking opportunities in Galway (IR), Coimbra (PT) and Barcelona (ES). The programme is suitable for women-led or co-founded start-ups and in the C-suite management team. Male co-founders are highly encouraged to participate. Greater than TRL 4 or equivalent. They are focused on medical technology such as medical devices, digital health, and biotechnology services – excluding therapeutics.

Reactor Bootcamp

Reactor Bootcamp is extensive training towards commercialising your product or service through four intensive remote sprints paired with tailored mentorship. Early-growth stage start-up in life sciences or healthcare focused on finding product-market fit and scaling up. 60% of the selected start-ups will be from Medical institution workflow and process optimisation and Medical imaging and diagnostics.

Mentoring and Coaching Network

Access a platform of a wide range of 400 healthcare mentors with broad expertise in the healthcare industry and can guide you to achieve your next milestone—vouchers between €500 and €2,000. We are looking for entrepreneurs with a healthcare business that must: be developing an innovative and impactful healthcare product OR be looking to scale up and expand into new markets be registered in a Horizon Europe country have a clear mentoring need. 

RIS Innovation Call

The programme is suitable for partners with early-stage healthcare projects. Its purpose is to fund the proof-of-concept phase for high-quality, solid and balanced projects, targeting EIT Health’s six Focus Areas. And to be developed by local actors, including both business and academic/research/healthcare institutions.

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EIT Raw Materials

RawMaterials Accelerator: The RM Accelerator aims to develop Start-ups so that they can rapidly become suppliers to, and perhaps future partners of, the EIT RawMaterials network. The RawMaterials Accelerator is novel because it can make an introduction to customers in the EIT RawMaterials partner network who are willing to adopt innovations; and, it connects local and national ecosystems to the Pan-European network of a pilot and test infrastructure facilities as well as potential customers. We also supply grant funding to enable your team to participate in the RM Accelerator.

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EIT Food

EIT Food Accelerator Network: The EIT Food Accelerator Network (FAN) is an accelerator programme delivered across Europe, supporting high impact agrifood startups to maximise their success.

EIT Food Innovation Prizes: The Innovation Prizes competition is one of Europe’s largest startup competitions in the agrifood sector. Prizes are awarded to entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to support the development of new products and services which can help transform our food system; making it healthier, more sustainable and more trusted.

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EIT Innoenergy

PowerUp!: We are co-creators, smart investors and industry catalysts for entrepreneurs who want global impact and a sustainable world. This is long-term business creation with a worldwide vision and purpose.

Our focus is always on creating sustainable businesses with sustainable revenues.

We are looking for startups that:

  • Have a proven prototype or proof of concept for an innovative product in the energy sector
  • They are looking to enhance and complement the business skills of their current team
  • Are looking for financing, including equity partners
  • Are easy to work with and willing to commit to a stable, long-term relationships with InnoEnergy

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EIT Manufacturing

EIT Manufacturing brings together a growing network of top-tier industrial partners, leading academic and research institutions from across the region and innovative startups, scale-ups and SMEs.

A fundamental way of transforming knowledge into value is by overcoming the fragmented nature of many innovation networks. To ensure that innovations reach the market, the industry has the right talent, and entrepreneurs can thrive, EIT Manufacturing connects and integrates education, innovation and business creation. Within our business creation programmes, you may be interested in:

  • Switch On Programme
    Switch On is for problem-solving startups that want to start shining. In this programme, the Business Creation team will offer a tailored support package in business development and access to finance.
  • Supercharge
    Programme for scale-ups that want to accelerate their business. In this programme, the Business Creation team will offer a tailored support package in business development and access to finance.
  • Level Up
    Programme for SMEs that want to transform their business and take operations to the next level. The Level Up program seeks to support SMEs that plan to transform their operations to improve competitiveness. In this program, the Business Creation team can offer a tailored package for the transformation and financial support.

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EIT Urban Mobility

Accelerator programme

Support for start-ups working on innovative mobility solutions:

  • Business coaching, training and mentoring
  • Access to living labs and cities for the creation of new products and services
  • Technology and market validation, product-market fit, access to customers
  • Access to financial investors and funds
  • Co-working spaces
  • Use of local ecosystems/infrastructure/accelerators to drive growth and internationalisation


Providing financial support for early business creation:

  • Matching innovative ideas with different funding options from a pool of local, public funders
  • Facilitating access to private venture capital too
  • Creating an EIT Urban Mobility investment fund

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